Aircraft Quiz #1

Do you know your aircraft and U.S. post war military aviation history ? Then this may be something for you ! The rules are simple: Just fill out the form below, and try to get as many correct answers as possible. Google if you have to, but try not to ;) Once the answers are in, i´ll let you know how many answers you got right. If this catches on, i´ll even make a scoreboard ! ...and the purpose ? Just fun and games. Hope you guys´ll play along ! Quiz #1 Your name* Email address* a.) Which of the following aircraft have also served under U.S Navy command ? B-47 C-141 B-1 F-101 None of the above b.) What was the pre-Oct. 1962 designation of the A-5A ?* c.) Name at least three U.S. Naval fighter squadron that have used the Skull/Cross bones logo: d.) Name the Naval fighter squadrons that have claimed at least two MIG-kills in the Vietnam [...]