History of the 2016 F-16 design

The first one, is always something special!…and in this case thats certainly true. In the late spring of 2016 the Danish Air Show announced a design competition of a paint scheme on the vertical stabliser of a RDAF F-16. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the annoncement, and knew I had to join in and try my luck. Soon thereafter I sat down in front of the computer and started designing…or at least that was the plan! It turned out not be as easy as I thought. After having drawing aircraft in a great number of years, I figured that coming up with some cool designs would be a breeze. It wasn´t! I did come up with some suggestions (see below), but looking back I didn´t really have a theme or an idea for the paint scheme.

Although I sort of liked the camo tail, I still were not quite happy with it. After spending a few days without being able to come up with anything useful, it came to my attention that I hadn´t seen many special markings that were simply black and white.  So I started doodling with some viking wood carving themes. The mythological creature Midgårds-ormen became a central theme and  I decided to add the danish national marking and with a silhouette of all the fighters the RDAF have operated. I was beginning to be satisfied with the outcome, so, the suggestion was posted, not long before the deadline.
While my two initial suggestions were rejected, the last one, made it through to the final round. The final round lasted a week and slowly my design made it into the lead. No fewer than 3300 likes at the weeks end, and most importantly: Enough to win!

A month later the tail paint scheme was applied to serial number E-008 and E-598. Fighter Wing Skrydstrup (the home of the Danish Fighter squadrons), asked me to decorate a helmet for the display pilot, so I went to the local grafitti spray can store, got som spray cans and got to work. The helmet can be seen in the hands of SAP in the gallery above. Personally I saw the aircraft for the very first time at Danish Air Show 2016 when i was invited “backstage” and saw the aircraft taxi out the hangar to take off for the opening display. Seeing the aircraft making a low pass over the runway pull back and barrel-roll out of sight still rank in one of the best aviation experiences ever.

In May 2018 this paint scheme were removed from the two aircraft.