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Freelancer Phantom

November 27th, 2018|4 Comments

A F-4 Phantom and a F-14 Tomcat both from VF-21 have been completed. Let´s make this a friendly "cyber dogfight" and see which of the two get the most likes. I decided to undertake the endevour of making another lineage print. This time depicting the the lineage of VF-21 "Freelancers". In order to do that quite a few new paint schemes had to be completed, and this is the first result: A F-4J Phantom of the Freelancers as it appeared in 1975, arguably in the period where US navy aircraft were most colorful. I also completed a F-14A Tomcat of the Freelancers, which also can be found by [...]

Twilight Sabres

November 8th, 2018|0 Comments

Here´s a new 3d piece, depicting two F-86s flying at twilight over Korea during the early 50s. The one closest to the camera was flow by Lt. Col V. Garrison and the one banking in the distance was flow by Col. H. R. Thyng. The main purpose pf this piece was to depict the clean a sleek shape of the F-86, and to do a light study of the neutral metal surface reflecting the setting sun. Originally i wanted to add a flaming MIG to the piece, but with the kind advice of many of my sites visitors and the member of two F-86 groups, I decided to [...]

Recce-Rhino over Vietnam

November 4th, 2018|7 Comments

This RF-4C Phantom is depicted on a recce mission over Vietnam in 1969. As the flak fire becomes intensive, the Spook lights the burners to get out of a hairy situation fast. Low clouds over the Rice paddies and high moisture in the air makes it a bumpy ride. The RF-4C is from the 16th TRS, 460th TFW that operated out of Tan Son Nhut Air Base from early 1966 to mid 1971. This piece lacks a title, and as usual I would love to hear your suggestions, to an appropriate title for this piece. Thanks 😉

CVW-15 Phantoms on the prowl

October 28th, 2018|4 Comments

This latest piece depicts two F-4B Phantoms, both operating off the deck of USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), and both MIG killers from the Vietnam war. Below the two aircraft USS Coral Sea awaits the trap of these two colorful warriors. Let me know how you like this one, and let me know if you have an idea for a title 😉 Below is the print and a few full resolution samples:

Headin´ Home

October 16th, 2018|2 Comments

Here´s a newly completed 3D piece. This one with the title "Headin´ Home". Three F9F-5 Panthers of VF-154 "Black Knights" is closing in to land on their aircraft carrier USS Yorktown (which can be seen in the distance) . VF-154 was deployed aboard USS Yorktown as a part of CVG-15 from Jul. 1st, 1954 to Feb. 28th 1955. When the squadron returned to CONUS the Panthers were traded for FJ-3 Furys. Please let me know how you like this new 3d piece

Pukin´ Dogs lineage print

September 2nd, 2018|4 Comments

The Pukin´ Dogs lineage print is now complete! The print consists of the FA-18E Super Hortnet that VFA-143 currently operates, a F-14B Tomcat as it appeared shortly before transition to the Super Hornet, a F-4J Phantom which the operated in the 60s and 70s. The F3H-2 Demon is from VF-53 which was the squadrons designated before it was turned into VF-143. Above the Demon there´s a F9F-8 Cougar from VF-123, which was the designation of the squadron before VF-53, above that the F9F-2 Panther and finally the F4U-4 Corsair of VF-871 which was the first designation in the Pukin´ Dogs lineage. Please let me know how you like [...]

Nargis MIG killer

August 30th, 2018|0 Comments

Here´s a print that was completed very recently. It depicts Lt. Tony Nargis MIG kill, on spe. 9th, 1968. This was the last MIG kill of the Vietnam war, by a F-8 Crusader (although VF-211 would down a MIG in 1972 without even firing a shot). The flight of two F-8Cs from VF-111 Det. 11 encountered two MIG-21s and Nargi followed one of them as it tried to evade the approaching Crusaders by making a steep climb and a loop. A single Sidewinder was fired and blew off the MIG-21s tail section. The print is available for sale via, both on paper and as a "ready-to-hang" aluminium [...]

Super Bug!

August 30th, 2018|0 Comments

The summer have proved to be very busy for me. The Squadron lineage prints have been getting a lot of attention (Thanks!), so I decided to work on more of those. For that i dusted off a older model i made, of the FA-18E Super Hornet. With that I´ll be working on a Pukin´ Dogs lineage print, so you can expect that to be in teh company of F-14 Tomcats, F-4 Phantoms, F3H Demons, F9F Panthers and Cougars and F4U Corsairs. Should be quite a company. Here´s a nearly done FA-18E Super Hornet profile view. As you can tell there´s still a few things that need to be [...]

The Six, again !

July 18th, 2018|0 Comments

Here´s a piece that was just completed. After having been working on a few print with multiple aircraft on it, i wanted to explore how to present a single aircraft. I choose the Six for my first test, and here´s the result. For you F-106 fans out there: This piece will be available for purchase, and even better: If you want the F-106 to have a different paint scheme that too will be a possible. Below is a few details shots of the print:

Fighting Renegades

July 14th, 2018|20 Comments

This piece was completed very recently (actually not more than a day ago), and now i can´t help myself from sharing this preview with you all. This piece is a VF-24 lineage print, depicting the aircraft that was operated by VF-24 throughout its 40 year long history. The squadron was established as VF-211 "Red Checkertails", in Jun. 1955, and received their FJ-3 Furys soon after. That aircraft is depicted at the top right hand corner of the print. As one of the very first squadrons, VF-211 would trade their subsonic fighters for the brand new F8U-1 Crusader in 1958. While flying the F8U-1 the squadron would be redesignated [...]

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