My designs

This section is a presentation of the paint schemes I have designed and that have been applied to aircraft. I´ve been doing aviation artwork for most of my life, all this time trying to capture the paint scheme of the aircraft as accurate as possible. To have the opportunity of being the one deciding the design of a paint scheme and to see it in real life, is something that make me feel privileged and very lucky.
Below is all my designs featured, the history behind them and my thought in the design process. Also featured is the design suggestions that never “made it”. Hope you´ll enjoy the read !
Click the images below to see photos and read the history behind the paint schemes.

F-16A Fighting Falcon, “Dannebrog”, 2019

RDAF F-16A Fighting Falcon – 2018

RDAF Challenger -2018

RDAF Lynx – 2017

RDAF F-16A Fighting Falcon – 2016