Triple Zilch

This piece depicts the famous Triple Zilch, the commander of the 20th TFWs F-100D Super Sabre. Back in those days the aircraft were extremly colorful, and especially the Cos aircraft were often adorned with a wealth of colors and marking, among the most well known of those Huns in special markings is Triple Zlich which here is seen at full AB above the English evening sky. The piece is available via fineartamerica...simply click the link below. Hope you like it!

Flaming Dart

A new artpiece have been completed. This time a part of F-100D Super Sabres on a mission over a river in North Vietnam in opening months of the Vietnam war. The aircraft are carrying a load of Bullpup missiles, and while delivering the ordnance they are coming under fire from AAA batteries along the river bank. This piece is available from Fineartamerica in a mulititude of different sizes and frames. It´s even available as greeting card, phone cases, throw pillows, duvet covers, t-shiret and much more. Click the link below to purchase.

Desert Storm Viper

A new Viper have been added to the U.S.Air Force Tactical Fighter Wing section: a F-16C Block 42 Fighting Falcon of the 33rd Tactical Fighter Squadron, as it appeared during Operation Desert Storm. This very nice paint scheme was a fun challenge to do, and took some trial and error to get right. Make sure to watch the video podcast where i tell abit about the process of creating this profile. Alsmo, if you want a copy of this profile to hang on your wall, click the link below and get your copy from You can choose from many sizes and framing can even have this print on your phone cover, on your shower curtain, on you beach towel or on your coffee mug! This latest profiles was created with the kind help of Bullseye Decals! Thanks Scott !


No introduction needed for this bird: The Mighty Scat XXVII, flow by none other than Col. Olds, on the mission where he made his last official MIG-kill. At low altitude while crossing a ridge, the MIG was exposed toward the sky and the last of Olds´ AIM-9Bs tracked and flew right up the tailpipe of the MIG. In this piece i have taken a few artistic liberties, the most apparent is the MIG kill markings on the splitter plate...they just looked too cool not to include. Let me know what you think of my depiction of this legendary jet and its legendary driver.

Dog model Phantom of the 81st

Here´s a F-4D Phantom of the 81st TFW, 78th TFS as it appeared in 1972, while operating out of Bentwaters AFB in the UK. This F-4 Phantom displays a typical paint scheme from that period, with the SEA camo scheme, white tailcode and serial number and the red rudder top which belonged to the 78th TFS "Bushmasters". Click the image below to be taken to the 81st Wing section: F-4D Phantom, 81st Tactical Fighter Wing, 78th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1972

Last Thud !

Here´s a depiction of the very last F-105F Thunderchief in USAF service. Georgia ANG had taken over the F-105G Wild Weasels from the 35th TFW, and left as the last Wild Weasel squadron to operate the aging Thud. Despite its age (The Thud entered service in 1958), the low level speed was outstanding. Stories from Red Flag in the early 80s tells that the Thud would out pace even F-15s in low level flight. However, on May 25th 1983, Peach 91 (depicted here), made its last flight with Maj. Green as a pilot and MSgt. Nance in the back seat. The flight took the F-105F to Pax River, MD, where it would become target for missile practice. Click the image below to be taken to the Georgie ANG section F-105F Thunderchief, 116th Tactical Fighter Wing, 128th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1983

Gunfighter !

The caption isn´t usually something that is connected with the mighty Rhino, but in this case its more suiting that one might think. This F-4E Phantom is from the 366th Wing which became known as the gunfighters due to their extensive use of Gun pods during the latter part of the Vietnam war. In the case of this particular aircraft the Gunfighter nickname is even more suiting as Capt. Beatty and 1Lt Summer shot down a MIG-21 on May 23rd, 1972 using the M61 nosemounted Vulcan gun. Click the image below to be taken to the 366th Wing section F-4E Phantom, 366th Tactical Fighter Wing, 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1972  

Soesterberg Spook

Here´s a F-4E Phantom of the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron as it appeared in 1971. This squadron known as the only american royal squadron, and the squadron patch is adorned with a the crown of the Dutch royal family. Notice the early style gun pod under the nose of this E-model. Click the image below to be taken to the 32nd TFS section   F-4E Phantom, 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1971

Another mess of F-4Es

Here´s another four new F-4E Phantoms that have been added to the USAF fighter wing section. These profiles all depicts F-4E Phantom 71-0247 which i currently owned by the F4 Grove Community Foundation . The Foundation is trying to bring the aircraft from Holloman AFB to Grove, OK, where it will be restored and displayed. Any and all help is much appreciated by the group, and please do pay them a visit on their facebook site. The profiles depicts the aircrafts service history with the 4th, 52nd, 37th and 35th TFW. The profiles are featured in the lastest issue of Smoke Tails Magazine. Click on the thumbnails below to be taken to the respective sections. Hope you like these new F-4Es ;)   F-4E Phantom 4th Tactical Fighter Wing, 335th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1973 F-4E Phantom, 52nd Tactical Fighter Wing, 480th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1979 F-4E Phantom, 37th Tactical Fighter Wing, 562nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1988 [...]

First USAF Starfighter

The first F-104C Starfighter have been completed ! This one from a period where the USAF were not shy about adding some colors to their paint schemes. Even among the colorful paint schemes in the late 50s the 479th TFW stod out with their four F-104 squadrons each painted in a different trim color. This depicted aircraft flew with the 434nd TFS which had red trim, which really is very pbvious from this renditions. Let me know how you like this one. Click the image below to be taken to the 479th Wing section F-104C Starfighter, 479th Tactical Fighter Wing, 434nd Tactical Fighter Squadron. 1959

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