Cadillac of the skies

The last 3D piece for the upcoming "Century Series Fighters" is now completed. This piece depics the speed record setting F-106A that flew 1,525.96 mph (2,455.79 km/h) on dec. 15th, 1959. A record for a single engine aircraft. The book will be available from Mortons publications in July, but is already available for pre-order here The full size artwork can be seen below:

Deadly Delta, Pt. 2

I wasn´t quite pleased with the F-102 piece i made for my upcoming book " Century Serie Fighters", so i decided to redo it entirely. This is the result: A trio of F-102A Delta Daggers of the 48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron firing their AIM-4 Falcon missiles. With this F-102 piece complete, the F-102 are now done entirely, and i can turn my attention to the Thuds. To preorder the book click this link If you have an idea for a title for this one, i would love to hear it:

Deadly Delta

A F-102A Delta Dagger of the 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron kicks of the upcoming batch of 26 Delta Dagger illustrations for the Century series book. This piece was made with a updated F-102 model with completely new textures. Click the link below to purchase

Deadly Delta

Here´s a 3d digital art piece depicting a F-106A Delta Dart intercepting a Tu-22 Blinder. The F-106A is from the 5th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. Trying to find a good angle for the F-106 wasn´t difficult, but i wanted to have the afterburner exposed, so this is the result. Hope you like it!

4th of July !

To all of the American visitors to this site, I would like to wish you all a happy 4th of July ! What better way to celebrate than with this very colorful Six of the Florida ANG ? For a better view of this aircraft make sure to visit the Florida ANG section, by clicking the image below: F-106A Delta Dart, 125th Fighter Interceptor Group, 159th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Florida ANG, 1976

Happy Hooligans

After completing the F-101B Voodoo it was too much of a temptation to try my luck with a flashy ANG paint scheme. A former Crew chief contacted me asking, me to make a renditions of his former jet that served with the 119th FIG of the North Dakota ANG. When working on it, I thought: Why not do a few more, and then the Deuce joined the One-oh-wonder and later a Phantom joined the gang. Here´s the lot of them, and may i say: They do make a pretty cool trio ! F-102A Delta Dagger, 119th Fighter Interceptor Group, 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1969 F-101B Voodoo, 119th Fighter Interceptor Group, 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1976 F-4D Phantom, 119th Fighter Interceptor Group, 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1984

Col. Garrisons steed

The F-86 Sabre basemodel have been completed for a while, so it´s about time some of them get on this site. This first F-86 is a F-model from the 4th Fighter Intercept Wing, 335th Fighter Intercept Squadron as it appeared in the late years of the Korean war. This aircraft was flow but Col. Vermont Garrison, who was the commanding officer of the 335th. At the end of the war he had 10 air-to-air combat victories to his name, making him a double ace. Hope you like this renditions of one what IMHO is one of the best looking jets ever produced. F-86F Sabre, 4th Fighter Intercept Wing, 335th Fighter Intercept Squadron, 1952

A whole mess of F-4Es !

It´s about time to show the Phantom community some attention. This new series of F-4E renditions have been printed in Smoke Trails magazine recently. The renditions depicts one very special Phantom: This aircraft became the center of attention to this years PhanCon when the attendees wrote their final goodbyes on the fuselage and wings of this aircraft. This series of renditions takes you a trip down memory lane, from when the aircraft was brand new and went into service, until it´s very last active duty squadron. Here you have them all F-4E Phantom, 32nd Tactical Fighter Group, 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1970 F-4E Phantom, 86th Tactical Fighter Wing, 526th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1974 F-4E Phantom, 347th Tactical Fighter Wing, 70th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1982 F-4E Phantom, 301st Tactical Fighter Wing, 457th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1988

California ANG

Two new profiles have been added ! This time from the 163rd Fighter Interceptor Group (California ANG). The newly completed F-102A Delta Dagger and the good ol´ F-4E Phantom is added to the gallery which can be find by clicking the thumbnail at the bottom of this message. Please let me know how you like ´em ;) F-102A Delta Dagger, 163rd Fighter Interceptor Group, 196th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1970

The Delta Dagger has arrived !

It´s been awfully quiet around here. But for a good reason ! I´ve been working hard to get the F.-102 delta Dagger base model completed, and here´s the result. I thought it would be a nice touch to have the missile bay open, so that added quite a few days to the modelling process. However, i think it was well worth it. This first Deuce is from the 57th FIS as it appeared in 1972 while operating out of Naval Station Keflavik in Iceland. Below is a link to the Air Forces Iceland section (click the thumbnail). F-102A Delta Dagger, Air Forces Iceland, 57th FIS, 1972


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