Alaska ANG Sabre

The latest addition to this website is the F-86E Sabre. I decided to try my luck with a ANG bird, and choose Alaska ANG as my subject, as I found it quite unique, with the dayglo Orange tail section. This aircraft is from the 176th Wing, 144th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, and this is how the aircraft looked when it operated out of Elmendorf AFB in 1958. Click this link to be taken to the Air National Guard section To learn more about this aircraft and the differences between the Sabre and the Fury, watch the Aircraftprofiles Podcast where this new profile is presented and the Sabre vs. Fury exterior differences-issue is treaded.

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4th of July !

To all of the American visitors to this site, I would like to wish you all a happy 4th of July ! What better way to celebrate than with this very colorful Six of the Florida ANG ? For a better view of this aircraft make sure to visit the Florida ANG section, by clicking the image below: F-106A Delta Dart, 125th Fighter Interceptor Group, 159th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Florida ANG, 1976

Last Thud !

Here´s a depiction of the very last F-105F Thunderchief in USAF service. Georgia ANG had taken over the F-105G Wild Weasels from the 35th TFW, and left as the last Wild Weasel squadron to operate the aging Thud. Despite its age (The Thud entered service in 1958), the low level speed was outstanding. Stories from Red Flag in the early 80s tells that the Thud would out pace even F-15s in low level flight. However, on May 25th 1983, Peach 91 (depicted here), made its last flight with Maj. Green as a pilot and MSgt. Nance in the back seat. The flight took the F-105F to Pax River, MD, where it would become target for missile practice. Click the image below to be taken to the Georgie ANG section F-105F Thunderchief, 116th Tactical Fighter Wing, 128th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1983

More Happy Hooligans !

Here´s a new Happy Hooligan for your viewing pleasure. This time a F-16A Fighting Falcon as it appeared in the early 90s when the 119th traded their F-4Ds for F-16s. Click the link below to be taken to the Happy Hooligans section. F-16A Fighting Falcon, 119th Fighter Group, 178th Fighter Squadron, 1992

Voodoos galore !

I´m happy to annonce that the first batch of Voodoos have now been added to the squadron galleries. And not only that, from now on I can produce renditions of all Voodoo variants, so if there´s a specific Voodoo you like to see depicted, make sure to let me know which one. Below is links to the sections where you can find this first batch of Voodoos. I tried to add a bit of diversity here, so there´s renditions of Voodoos from both the USAF, ANG and RCAF. Let me know how you like em ;) Click the thumbnails below to be taken to to the full size renditions

Happy Hooligans

After completing the F-101B Voodoo it was too much of a temptation to try my luck with a flashy ANG paint scheme. A former Crew chief contacted me asking, me to make a renditions of his former jet that served with the 119th FIG of the North Dakota ANG. When working on it, I thought: Why not do a few more, and then the Deuce joined the One-oh-wonder and later a Phantom joined the gang. Here´s the lot of them, and may i say: They do make a pretty cool trio ! F-102A Delta Dagger, 119th Fighter Interceptor Group, 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1969 F-101B Voodoo, 119th Fighter Interceptor Group, 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1976 F-4D Phantom, 119th Fighter Interceptor Group, 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1984

Air National Guard section added

The Air National Guard section is now up and running. I decided to separate it from the Fighter and Interceptor section as it was starting to get a bit crowded there. To celebrate this new section i decided to add a new profile: a RF-4C Phantom of the 153rd TRG, 186th TRS as it appeared in 1989. Make sure to stop by the ANG section by clicking the thumbnail below: F-102A Delta Dagger, 163rd Fighter Interceptor Group, 196th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1970


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