Nargis MIG killer

Here´s a print that was completed very recently. It depicts Lt. Tony Nargis MIG kill, on spe. 9th, 1968. This was the last MIG kill of the Vietnam war, by a F-8 Crusader (although VF-211 would down a MIG in 1972 without even firing a shot). The flight of two F-8Cs from VF-111 Det. 11 encountered two MIG-21s and Nargi followed one of them as it tried to evade the approaching Crusaders by making a steep climb and a loop. A single Sidewinder was fired and blew off the MIG-21s tail section. The print is available for sale via, both on paper and as a "ready-to-hang" aluminium print. Click the images below to be taken to the website: "Tigers Claw", paper print Tigers Claw, "ready-to-hang" alu print Click the link be low to be taken to the VF-111 section F-8C Crusader, VF-111 "Sundowners", 1968

Century series print, available !

The Century series print is now ready to ship and is available from both and Below you´ll be able to find the links to the two vendors (as they become available), and there´s both size and price info. Simply click the images via the vendor of your choice. Standard: 16,5" x 12" - 16 Euro / approx $18,5 Large: 28" x 20" - 49 Euro / approx $57 Click the image to purchase Collector: 18" x 12" - $25 Standard: 24" x 16" - $35 Click image to purchase

Phantom from the Tiger squadron

Time to yet again build the RAF/RN section. This time with a Phantom FGR.2 of No. 74 Squadron. Complete with both roaring tiger head and tiger stripes. The Spey power Phantoms differed from the US versions in more ways than what is readily visible, the entire intake section is wider and deeper, and the exhaust feathers used on the US versions is gone. But apart from that the good ol´ Spook does look like it´s suppose to, in fact it looks like a fighter is suppose to :) Click the link below to be taken to the 74. Sqn section Phantom FGR.2, No. 74 Squadron, 1990

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