Seahawks, Blue Sharks and Golden Hawks

Not too long ago i realized that there haven´t been any updates to the VP/VQ section in a long time. I had to do something about that, so i decided to create three new Orion profiles. The three brand new profiles depicts aircraft from VP-6, VP-23 and VP-67, all of them very colorful aircraft, but not all equally well known. These markings i found to be quite interesting in each their own way, so i´m glad to be able to add them to my site. Let me know how you like em ! Click the images below to be taken to the VP-6, VP-23 or VP-67 section. P-3B Orion, VP-6 "Blue Sharks", 1980 P-3C Orion, VP-23 "Seahawks", 1980 P-3A Orion, VP-67 "Golden Hawks", 1982

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VP section added !

The VP Section is now up and running. At the moment there´s plenty of P-3 Orions in that section but more will be added as they are completed (there´s already some in the pipeline). To be directed to the VP section simply click this link or click the thumbnail below: P-3C Orion, VP-16 "Eagles", 2011

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