Cloud Dancer

With the FJ-4B Fury finally complete, I couldn´t resist putting it in to a scene. This piece depicts a flight of two FJ-4B Furies of VA-63 "Fighting Redcocks" in 1959 while operating of USS Midway (CVA-41). With the completion of the FJ-4B Fury i now will be able to do lineage prints of a number of both Navy and Marine fighter and attack squadron...first one on the drawing board will be the Fighting Redcocks. Below is a few detail shots of the print, and below that a sales link. Hope you like it!

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The SLUF have landed!

This model have been awaited by many for a long time! So it was long overdue that I got it completed...At the moment the D and E models are ready, and the A/B models are not far behind. Make sure to have a look at the Video podcast about these new renditions (click link below). Both are ready as prints from so if you want one of these beauties on your wall, on your phonecover, on a t-shirt or even on your bedsheet, that is possible ;)

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Another new cat

I´m very happy to announce that the F9F Cougar series is now also available. This is the very first profile I´ve done of the sweep winged beauty, and it depicts a F9F-8B Cougars from VA-76 "Spirits" as it appeared in 1957 while deployed aboard USS Forrestal (CVA-59). That deployment was USS Forrestals maiden deployment  (although there were two shakedown deployments prior to this one). 1957 marked the beginning of a new age of naval aviation, the aircraft would be painted gull grey instead of midnight blue, and the markings very very colorful, as this Cougar is a prime example of. Hope you like this first Cougar rendition. To be taken to the VA-76 section click the link below. F9F-8B Cougar, VA-76 "Spirits", 1957

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Black Panther Intruder

The VA-section have been needing some new material, and i decided to do something about it: The latest addition to that section is this A-6E Intruder of VA-35 "Black Panthers" as it appeared while deployed aboard USS America (CVA-66) in 1972/73. USS America was stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin at the time, and the aircraft from the deployed CVW-8 were flying missions over Vietnam. It was only when working on this rendition i noticed how VA-35 cleverly have kept the tailcode in the green trim color. Let me know how you like this new Intruder rendition. Click the image below to be taken to the VA-35 section. A-6E Intruder, VA-35 "Black Panthers", 1973

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The VA-section is here !

I´m happy to announce that the VA-section have been added to this site. This means that this place will be crawling with Scooters, Tadpoles and soon also SLUFs, Cougars and Spads. To be directed to the VA-section click the image below. Make sure to let me know which renditions you like to see added the the VA-section. Thanks A-6A Intruder, VA-115 "Arabs", 1973  

Happy Independence day !

To all the visitors from the US: Happy independence day ! I´ve been thinking about a good way to celebrate and have come to the conclusion that this jet may make the cut. This A-4C Skyhawk of VA-76 "Spirits of ´76" (get it ? ´76...;) ) shot down a MIG-17 while being piloted by Lt CDR Theodore Swartz. The MIG-17 was the only MIG to be shot down by a Scooter...and also the means to which the MIG was brought down was unique: The MIG was shot down with Zuni rockets ! The kill took place on May 1st, 1967. Click the image below to be directed to the VA-76 Section A-4C Skyhawk, VA-76 "Spirits", 1967

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One for the Saints

As a continuation of the VA section-teasers, here´s yet another Scooter for your viewing pleasure. This time a A-4E of VA-163 "Saints" as it appeared in 1965. This aircraft was assigned to the legendary CDR Stockdale, while the squadron was operating off the deck of USS Oriskany (CVA-34), during the Vietnam War. Click the image below to be directed to the VA-163 section. A-4E Skyhawk, VA-163 "Saints", 1965

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Call the ball ! The VA section is here…soon !

It´s about time to get some light attack aircraft on this site ! The VA section is about to trap on this site, I have decided to present some of the featured aircraft over the next few days. So let´s start things off with one of the most famous Scooters around: Lady Jessie ! This Ghost Rider I think is a perfect way to annonce that the VA section is here soon. Hope you like it ;) Not only are the VA section here soon but soon some odd-balls will land too, so make sure to check back if you are into some of the lesser known aircraft types ;) Click the image below to be taken to the VA-164 "Ghost Riders" section ! A-4F Skyhawk, VA-164 "Ghost Riders", 1974

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