Phantom of the 43. Sqn

The RAF section have been needing some new stuff for a while. Today i have added this new profile of a Phantom FG.1 of the 43 Sqn. Originally i planed on doing a series of 43. Sqn Phantoms but the other ones have yet to leave the drawing board. Hope you like this sole Fighting Cock of the 43. Sqn. Click the image below to be directed to the RAF section. Phantom FG.1, No. 43 Sqn, 1986

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Royal Air Force/Royal Navy section added

The Royal Air Force and Royal Navy section have now been added ! So far there´s room for improvement, but now that the section is here, I plan on adding many more RAF/RN profiles. But I could use some inspiration. What squadrons would you like to see in this section ? Please let me know, and i´ll see what i can do. Click the image below, to be directed to the RAF/RN section: Phantom FGR.2 , No. 56 Sqn., 1979

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