“My designs” section added

I´ve been wanting to do this for a while! Adding a section that features the designes I´ve made for the RDAF and the story behind them. I´m extremely lucky to have the chance of doing such designes on more than one occasion, so my plans is to work my way through them all in chronological order. So here´s the story about the first one, i did after winning a competition in 2016. I had no idea what this would lead to, but thats a story i´ll let you in on a little later. Click the image to be taken to the story of the RDAF F-16 special paint scheme from 2016 RDAF F-16A Fighting Falcon - 2016

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Esk. 726, RDAF section added

Not long ago I realized that I had never made an Esk. 726 section on my site ! That was an error that needed to be corrected at once, and to compensate to those of you that have been visiting my site in hopes of finding the Esk. 726 section, not to find any, I´ve added a brand new profile: A F-16A Fighting Falcon as their appeared in the mid-90s. Click the link below to be taken to the Esk. 726 section F-16A Fighting Falcon, Esk. 726, RDAF, 1996

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Danish dynamite

I promised you some lesser known aircraft, and this one i believe qualifies as that: The RF-35 Draken of the Royal Danish Air Force. This aircraft was painted in these special markings during the summer of 1986 while the danish national football team (soccer), were playing the World Championships in Mexico. The Draken was painted in red/white after the team beat Uruguay 6 to 1. The painting was done with a ordinary paint roller, but the paint scheme have since become one of the most famous schemes ever to be worn by a RDAF aircraft. Click the link below to be directed to the RDAF section: RF-35 Draken, Esk. 729, RDAF, 1986

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Danish Viper

It´s been a year since I was so very fortunate to design the tail paint scheme for a Danish F-16AM Viper. What better occasion to celebrate that with the completion of my very first Viper profile? Plans are to cover the RDAF F-16s so for now Block 10 and Block 15s are in the pipeline. With the F-100 and the upcoming Draken and F-104 the RDAF section is not far away, so make sure to check back soon if you want to see some danish fighters. Enjoy ! And here´s the real thing: 

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