Two new birds for the 71JG section

As the headline implies new stuff have been added to the 71JG Richthofen section. This time it´s a F-104G and a specially marked F-4F which was painted in a attractive Red and Black scheme to celebrate the units 40th year of service. Let me know how you like these new additions to the Richthofen section ! Click the image below to be taken to the 71 JG section . F-104G Starfighter, 71 JG, 1965

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Richthofens first jet

After adding the Luftwaffe section i thought it would be appropriate to add some new stuff to it. This Sabre Mk. 6 simply oozes old school coolness, so I had to do a rendition of it. After completing the rendition i realized that I probably should have done JA-111 instead (the Black Devils personal mount), but for better or worse: Here´s a Sabre mk. 6 of  71 Jagdgeschwader "Richthofen". To be taken to the 71 JG gallery, click the image below: Sabre mk.6, 71 JG, 1961

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Luftwaffe section added

I have started working my way through all the profiles i have got one file, and now it´s time to reveal the "Luftwaffe" Section. At the moment there´s three squadrons in this section but i hope to add many more in the near future. Please stop by and let me know what you think. To browse the Luftwaffe section click the image below:

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