Early Red Lightnings

For an upcoming project regarding the history of the Red Lightnings, these three profiles have been completed: The F9F-2 Panther, the F9F-8 Cougar and the FJ-3 Fury, covering their years from 1952 to 1958. At this time the squadrons designation was VF-91. The squadron would later be equipped with Crusaders and in 1963 be redesignated to VF-194 "Red Lightnings". The squadron would later fly both Phantoms and Tomcats, and those will of cause be covered too, but at a later date. Below is the three VF-91 profiles that have just been added to the VF section. Hope you like them !

Pukin´ Dogs lineage print

The Pukin´ Dogs lineage print is now complete! The print consists of the FA-18E Super Hortnet that VFA-143 currently operates, a F-14B Tomcat as it appeared shortly before transition to the Super Hornet, a F-4J Phantom which the operated in the 60s and 70s. The F3H-2 Demon is from VF-53 which was the squadrons designated before it was turned into VF-143. Above the Demon there´s a F9F-8 Cougar from VF-123, which was the designation of the squadron before VF-53, above that the F9F-2 Panther and finally the F4U-4 Corsair of VF-871 which was the first designation in the Pukin´ Dogs lineage. Please let me know how you like it ;) Should any of you out there, be interested in a the Pukin´ Dogs lineage print to hang on your wall, you´ll not have to wait long for it to become available for sale. Below is a few close up samples of the print.

Aircraftprofiles selection

Wonder what aircraft that´s currently available from aircraftprofiles.net ? Watch the video below and you´ll know all about it ;) https://youtu.be/MZPY_XpD2mk

Another new cat

I´m very happy to announce that the F9F Cougar series is now also available. This is the very first profile I´ve done of the sweep winged beauty, and it depicts a F9F-8B Cougars from VA-76 "Spirits" as it appeared in 1957 while deployed aboard USS Forrestal (CVA-59). That deployment was USS Forrestals maiden deployment  (although there were two shakedown deployments prior to this one). 1957 marked the beginning of a new age of naval aviation, the aircraft would be painted gull grey instead of midnight blue, and the markings very very colorful, as this Cougar is a prime example of. Hope you like this first Cougar rendition. To be taken to the VA-76 section click the link below. F9F-8B Cougar, VA-76 "Spirits", 1957

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