Eyes of the Fleet over Vietnam

I have had the pleasure of doing the cover for the forthcoming Casemate book "Eyes of the Fleet Over Vietnam" by Kenneth V. Jack. If you are familiar with Kenneth Jacks other works, there should be plenty to look forward to! The book deals with Recce-Crusader missions over Vietnam. The cover depicts a mission by a RF-8G flying off the deck of USS Midway. While conducting a post-strike evaluation mission, the RF-8G was struck by AAA fire. The aircraft was hit in the main fuel tank and exploded just seconds after the pilot had escaped the stricken aircraft. The book will feature the pilots story in his own word, aswell as many other recounts of missions over Vietnam. Make sure to get your copy as soon at the book is released in the Fall of 2021.    

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Red Lightning Crusaders

Two new F-8 Crusader profiles have been added. This time a F-8C Crusader of VF-91 "Red Lightnings" as they appeared in late 1962 and a F-8E Crusader of VF-194 "Red Lightnings" as this CAG bird appeared in 1967. VF-91 was redesignated to VF-194 on Aug. 1st, 1963, and would continue to operate the Crusader until 1976. The squadron would be among the very few Crusader equipped units to transfer to the Phantom after the Tomcat was introduced into fleet service. Below you can find both the VF-91 gallery and the VF-194 Gallery. Enjoy ! VF-91 "Red Lightnings" VF-194 "Red Lightnings"

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Swordsmen Crusader

For the CVW-1 article recently completed, this F-8D Crusader was completed. Although the article deals with F-4 Phantom colors and markings, the last aircraft VF-32 flew before transitioning to the F-4 Phantom is also depicted. It seems that most squadron either transitioned from the Demon to the Phantom or from the Crusader to the Phantom, and naturally for the Swordsmen, the transition was made from the last gunfighter to the first (perhaps one of the first) multirole aircraft: The F-4 Phantom. Here´s the Crusader depicted as it looked in 1965 shortly before the transitioning took place. What to read the CVW-1 article in its entirety ? Here´s a link Here´s the VF-32 album as it looks at this point:

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Nargis MIG killer

Here´s a print that was completed very recently. It depicts Lt. Tony Nargis MIG kill, on spe. 9th, 1968. This was the last MIG kill of the Vietnam war, by a F-8 Crusader (although VF-211 would down a MIG in 1972 without even firing a shot). The flight of two F-8Cs from VF-111 Det. 11 encountered two MIG-21s and Nargi followed one of them as it tried to evade the approaching Crusaders by making a steep climb and a loop. A single Sidewinder was fired and blew off the MIG-21s tail section. The print is available for sale via aircraftprofileprints.com, both on paper and as a "ready-to-hang" aluminium print. Click the images below to be taken to the aircraftprofileprints.com website: "Tigers Claw", paper print Tigers Claw, "ready-to-hang" alu print Click the link be low to be taken to the VF-111 section F-8C Crusader, VF-111 "Sundowners", 1968

Fighting Renegades

This piece was completed very recently (actually not more than a day ago), and now i can´t help myself from sharing this preview with you all. This piece is a VF-24 lineage print, depicting the aircraft that was operated by VF-24 throughout its 40 year long history. The squadron was established as VF-211 "Red Checkertails", in Jun. 1955, and received their FJ-3 Furys soon after. That aircraft is depicted at the top right hand corner of the print. As one of the very first squadrons, VF-211 would trade their subsonic fighters for the brand new F8U-1 Crusader in 1958. While flying the F8U-1 the squadron would be redesignated to VF-24 on Mar. 9th 1959. A F8U-1 is depicted as the second aircraft from the top. The F8U-1 would be traded for F8U-2s in 1962 (and soon after the F8U-2 was designated F-8C). That model would be brought to the Vietnam war, where VF-24 scored four MIG kills. One of their MIG [...]

Fear the bones…Baby!

Without a doubt one of the most depicted aircraft ever: The late 70s F-14A Tomcats of VF-84 "Jolly Rogers"..and with good reason ! Few aircraft have ever sported a paint scheme that´s a readily recognizable as this one. For aviation artists such as myself, this subject have been sitting very high on the to-do list for many years. With the completion of this rendition, the VF-84 lineage have got a significant step closer to completion, and now both the F-8C, F-4B,, F-4J and the F-14A is now in the VF-84 section, which you can be directed to, if you click the image below. F-4B Phantom, VF-84 "Jolly Rogers", 1964

Aircraftprofiles selection

Wonder what aircraft that´s currently available from aircraftprofiles.net ? Watch the video below and you´ll know all about it ;) https://youtu.be/MZPY_XpD2mk

Need a Nightcap ?

I have decided it´s time to show VF-13 "Nightcappers" some long needed attention. So i´ll kick things off with a F-8E Crusader from their deployment aboard USS Shangri-La in 1965. The Nightcappers are for some reason a less known squadron and i decided to do something about that, so soon to follow a F4D-1 Skyray and a F3H-2 Demon from the same squadron...and perhaps a few more ´saders. The Vf-13 section have yet to be added, but as soon as a few more profiles from this squadron is done, i´ll makes sure to add a VF-13 section to the VF-squadron section Hope you like this one !  

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The U.S. Marine Corps section is here

The Marine Corps section have finally been launched. With that the VMFA section which features the Marine Fighter Attack squadrons (and all incarnations of those squadrons). This section features F-4 Phantoms, F-8 Crusaders and soon also F4D Skyrays and FJ Furys. I hope you´ll stop by for a closer inspection of this new section on my site. Click the thumbnail below to be taken to the VMF/VMF(AW)/VMFA section F-8E Crusader, VMF(AW)-235 "Death Angels", 1967

Screaming Eagles pt. 2

Two more Screaming eagles profiles have been added. This time a F4D-1 Skyray (Commonly known as the "Ford"), and a F-8H Crusader which shot down a MIG-21 on Aug. 1st, 1968 while being piloted by Lt. Norman K. McCoy. To see the new VF-51 profiles simply click the thumbnail below, and i´ll be taken to the VF-51 gallery. Enjoy ! F-8H Crusader, VF-51 "Screaming Eagles", 1968

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