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Wonder what aircraft that´s currently available from ? Watch the video below and you´ll know all about it ;)

Aussie Pig !

It´s been way too long since my last F-111 and i thought it was about time to do something about that. So here´s a F-111C "Pig" of the RAAf as it appeared in 1986. This aircraft served with the 6 sqn. I´m working on establishing a RAAF section, but i only need to add a few more Aussie aircraft to my site before doing so. Which once should be a part of that section you think ? Here´s a few detail shots:

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U.S. Air Forces Fighter and Interceptor section added

It´s about time that the USAF wings gets some attention ! Therefore i have now added the U.S. Air Forces Fighter and Interceptor section. The organisation of this section took quite some time to get right, but I decided to organize the section by Wing. This means that there can be several squadrons in each gallery, but it also mean that entire wing lineages can be followed in a single gallery, no matter if the wing have changed mission somewhere in its period of service. This means, that all the galleries in this section contains wings or groups that, at some point in their service history, was either a Fighter or an interceptor squadron or group. Please drop me a line if you visit this section ;) To be directed to the U.S. Air Forces Fighter and Interceptor section click the thumbnail below F-111F Aardvark, 48th Tactical Fighter Wing, 495th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1991


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