Deadly Delta, Pt. 2

I wasn´t quite pleased with the F-102 piece i made for my upcoming book " Century Serie Fighters", so i decided to redo it entirely. This is the result: A trio of F-102A Delta Daggers of the 48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron firing their AIM-4 Falcon missiles. With this F-102 piece complete, the F-102 are now done entirely, and i can turn my attention to the Thuds. To preorder the book click this link If you have an idea for a title for this one, i would love to hear it:

Deadly Delta

A F-102A Delta Dagger of the 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron kicks of the upcoming batch of 26 Delta Dagger illustrations for the Century series book. This piece was made with a updated F-102 model with completely new textures. Click the link below to purchase

Deadly Deltas

I´ve been giving the the Tophatters alot of attention these past few weeks, so I thought it was only appropriate to show the USAF a bit of TLC too. With that I decided to build my Interceptor section, with four all new Deadly Deltas. Two Deuces (32nd FIS, 326th FIS) and two Sixs (5th FIS and 48th FIS). I sure hope you enjoy this batch of colorful sleek cold war Interceptors. As always, these can become available as a print ready to hang on your wall...just drop me a line, if you are interested Click the image below to be taken to the Interceptor section.

Century series print, available !

The Century series print is now ready to ship and is available from both and Below you´ll be able to find the links to the two vendors (as they become available), and there´s both size and price info. Simply click the images via the vendor of your choice. Standard: 16,5" x 12" - 16 Euro / approx $18,5 Large: 28" x 20" - 49 Euro / approx $57 Click the image to purchase Collector: 18" x 12" - $25 Standard: 24" x 16" - $35 Click image to purchase

Aircraftprofiles selection

Wonder what aircraft that´s currently available from ? Watch the video below and you´ll know all about it ;)

Red-Striped Rascal

I thought it was about time for a century series classic, and while browsing through my files i came across this aircraft, which proved too good not to depict. This aircraft was stationed at Misawa AB in Japan while serving with the 4th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. The 4th operated Deuces from 1960 to 1965 and the squadron commanders aircraft was this jet, adorned with three red stripes across the fuselage, giving rise to the name "Red-Striped Rascal". How do you like it ? To be taken to the USAf section click the image below: F-102A Delta Dagger, 39th Air Division, 4th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1961

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Happy Hooligans

After completing the F-101B Voodoo it was too much of a temptation to try my luck with a flashy ANG paint scheme. A former Crew chief contacted me asking, me to make a renditions of his former jet that served with the 119th FIG of the North Dakota ANG. When working on it, I thought: Why not do a few more, and then the Deuce joined the One-oh-wonder and later a Phantom joined the gang. Here´s the lot of them, and may i say: They do make a pretty cool trio ! F-102A Delta Dagger, 119th Fighter Interceptor Group, 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1969 F-101B Voodoo, 119th Fighter Interceptor Group, 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1976 F-4D Phantom, 119th Fighter Interceptor Group, 178th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1984

Air National Guard section added

The Air National Guard section is now up and running. I decided to separate it from the Fighter and Interceptor section as it was starting to get a bit crowded there. To celebrate this new section i decided to add a new profile: a RF-4C Phantom of the 153rd TRG, 186th TRS as it appeared in 1989. Make sure to stop by the ANG section by clicking the thumbnail below: F-102A Delta Dagger, 163rd Fighter Interceptor Group, 196th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1970

The century series…2/3s done

Here´s what the century series a la looks like right now. The F-101 Voodoo is the most recent addition to the bunch and so far only the F-104 and the F-106 is missing. Plans is to keep working on the later versions of the Voodoo, so both the two-seaters and the Recce versions are done. Below is a larger version of the first F-101 Voodoo profile from my hand. How do you like it ?

California ANG

Two new profiles have been added ! This time from the 163rd Fighter Interceptor Group (California ANG). The newly completed F-102A Delta Dagger and the good ol´ F-4E Phantom is added to the gallery which can be find by clicking the thumbnail at the bottom of this message. Please let me know how you like ´em ;) F-102A Delta Dagger, 163rd Fighter Interceptor Group, 196th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1970

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