More BUFFs

I´ve been wanting to cover more of the older BUFFs for a while, so i finally got around to work on a couple, and I wanted to share the result with you. I was aiming for a bit of different paint schemes and i have wanted a bare metal B-52 in my inventory for a while, so i came across a photo of a B-52H of the 449th BW with a bit of markings on it, so that was the one i did. I also decided to add a B-52G with the SIOP scheme, this one from the 379th BW as it appeared in 1980. Last but not least: Ghost Rider. I have had that rendition laying around for a few years, and forgot all about its about time i share it with you all. Please let me know how you like these BUFFs ;)

U.S. Air Force Bomber section

Finally the USAF Bomber Section have been added to this site. That means B-52s and FB-111s are now to be found on this site. Please let me know if there´s other renditions of USAF bombers you would like to see included on this page. Click the image below to be taken to the US.Air.Force bomber section B-52G Stratofortress, 1708th Bomb Wing (P), 1992


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