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Wonder what aircraft that´s currently available from ? Watch the video below and you´ll know all about it ;)

Black Panther Intruder

The VA-section have been needing some new material, and i decided to do something about it: The latest addition to that section is this A-6E Intruder of VA-35 "Black Panthers" as it appeared while deployed aboard USS America (CVA-66) in 1972/73. USS America was stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin at the time, and the aircraft from the deployed CVW-8 were flying missions over Vietnam. It was only when working on this rendition i noticed how VA-35 cleverly have kept the tailcode in the green trim color. Let me know how you like this new Intruder rendition. Click the image below to be taken to the VA-35 section. A-6E Intruder, VA-35 "Black Panthers", 1973

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The VA-section is here !

I´m happy to announce that the VA-section have been added to this site. This means that this place will be crawling with Scooters, Tadpoles and soon also SLUFs, Cougars and Spads. To be directed to the VA-section click the image below. Make sure to let me know which renditions you like to see added the the VA-section. Thanks A-6A Intruder, VA-115 "Arabs", 1973  

Midway Magic Intruder

Here´s another new Intruder rendition, This one depicts a A-6A Intruder of VA-115 "Arabs" as they appeared in 1973 during their last deployment to the Gulf of Tonkin, aboard CVA-41 USS Midway. Anybody out there aboard CVA-41 on this deployment ? Looks like i better get that VA-section up and running pretty soon ;) A-6A Intruder, VA-115 "Arabs", 1973

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The Intruder is here !

The Intruder basemodel is completed ! After many tries and many errors I can now announce that the A-6 Intruder base model is now complete ! I will do my best to do as many profiles of the A-6 as I can in the near future. Both Navy and USMC squadrons will be covered, and if you guys like the first few profiles, and someone should ask for a E-model, that can be made too (that also goes for the KA-6s !)  Now it´s a matter of getting the VA-section and VMA-section up and running so the A-6 and the A-4s have a place on this site to call home ! As a little present for you guys who have made it so far, i have attached a detail sample of the nose section of this profile. How do you like it ?

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Intruders on short final !

Having worked on this model for years now (3 to be exact), i´m now very happy to announce that the A-6 Intruder is soon to find it´s way onto this site. This also means that the VA section is under development, so soon The intruder and the Scooters will have a place to call home here on this site. As you can see the cockpit looks rather empty, but i´m modelling the cockpit interior right now, so within too long the modelling process is completed, and the texturing can start ;) Plans is to start things off with the early Vietnam era Intruders, but I strongly consider doing some Low-viz TRAMs too ! If you are looking for a specific Intruder, let me know which you you want to see completed. Hope you like this one !

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