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Bogeys Inbound!

The fourth installment of the "Half Century. Baby!" prints are now available from Aircraftprofileprints.com . This piece depicts as Dissimilar ACM exercise near NAS Fallon. Two F-5Ns of the adversary squadron VFC-13 "Saints" are engaging two F-14 Tomcats, one of which is breaking high and the other breaking right, as their first move in the upcoming dog fight. The print is available from Aircraftprofileprints.com in paper (35 x 23"-$65) - click image below to purchase ...and as a "ready-to-hang" Aluminium print (35 x 23"-$230) Here´s a sample of "Bogeys inbound!" in it´s entirety

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Cadillac of the skies

The last 3D piece for the upcoming "Century Series Fighters" is now completed. This piece depics the speed record setting F-106A that flew 1,525.96 mph (2,455.79 km/h) on dec. 15th, 1959. A record for a single engine aircraft. The book will be available from Mortons publications in July, but is already available for pre-order here The full size artwork can be seen below:

Deadly Delta, Pt. 2

I wasn´t quite pleased with the F-102 piece i made for my upcoming book " Century Serie Fighters", so i decided to redo it entirely. This is the result: A trio of F-102A Delta Daggers of the 48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron firing their AIM-4 Falcon missiles. With this F-102 piece complete, the F-102 are now done entirely, and i can turn my attention to the Thuds. To preorder the book click this link If you have an idea for a title for this one, i would love to hear it:

Fights on!

In a Close air-to-air combat scenario, who will win? The F-14 Tomcat or the F-16 Viper? The answer is not a straight forward as you might think. The story behin dthe march issue of the "Half Century, Baby!"-prints tells the story of  CDR Keith “Okie” Nance who developed a DACT technique which made gun kills on F-16s possible from the much lagrer F-14. In Okies own words: "The beautiful weather and pristine sea surrounding Naval Air Station Key West has been ideal for those seeking the sun and for Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT). By 1989, the penultimate Adversary Aircraft was the F-16N “Viper” which had an amazing thrust-to-weight ratio and ability to execute 9G turns. That made for a formidable adversary for Tomcat Aircrews as they learned out to fight their aircraft during the Fleet Readiness Squadron (FRS) Tactics Phase typically conducted out of Key West to take advantage of the weather. Experienced Tomcat pilots found that even the F-16N [...]

Eyes of the Fleet over Vietnam

I have had the pleasure of doing the cover for the forthcoming Casemate book "Eyes of the Fleet Over Vietnam" by Kenneth V. Jack. If you are familiar with Kenneth Jacks other works, there should be plenty to look forward to! The book deals with Recce-Crusader missions over Vietnam. The cover depicts a mission by a RF-8G flying off the deck of USS Midway. While conducting a post-strike evaluation mission, the RF-8G was struck by AAA fire. The aircraft was hit in the main fuel tank and exploded just seconds after the pilot had escaped the stricken aircraft. The book will feature the pilots story in his own word, aswell as many other recounts of missions over Vietnam. Make sure to get your copy as soon at the book is released in the Fall of 2021.    

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Half Century, baby

I´ve been looking forward to revealing this new print, in the "Half Century, Baby!" series! This print features a Tomcat from every unit that have served in the US armed forces. In the main formation the atlantic fleet squadron are on the left side, and the Pacific fleet squadrons on the right. The formation is flanked by a Tomcat of the NFWS and VX-9 on the right and by two F-14Ds of VX-23 and VX-30 on the left. Alot of work went into this piece, and I really hope you like it! The print is available for sale via Aircraftprofileprints, both as paper print and the ready-to-hang aluminium print. Aluminium Ready-to-hang ($229.95) - 35 x 23" Paper print ($64.95) - 35 x 23" 

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“Going to Big Al”

This new piece was made in close collaboration with David "Hey Joe" Parsons, and depics a mission flown on Feb. 12th, 1991 over Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. This print was made as a part of a 12 art piece series. Each month of 2021 will feature a new Tomcat print, each of them depicting a new aspect of the Tomcats rich history. The series goes by the name: "Half Century, Baby!" with this piece being the first of the 12. "Going to Big Al" depeicts a flight of two TARPS equipped F-14A Tomcat were set to fly over a factory complex in the northen Iraq. The here described in Hey Joes own words: "One of the top targets during Desert Storm was the Al Qa’im Super Phosphate Plant near the Syrian border. Al Qa’im had a role in refining Yellowcake Uranium for use in weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and harboring SCUD missile launchers making it a top priority target. [...]

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Deadly Delta

A F-102A Delta Dagger of the 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron kicks of the upcoming batch of 26 Delta Dagger illustrations for the Century series book. This piece was made with a updated F-102 model with completely new textures. Click the link below to purchase

Canadian Voodoo

A flight of two CF-101B Voodoos from the RCAF is coming back to base after a patrol mission. This piece have been made for the upcoming book about the Century series fighters which will be published in the summer of 2021 via Mortons Books. The idea behind this new 3d art piece was to depic the sometime harch conditions in which the Canadian Voodoos operated. The all-weather capabilities of this huge fighter served the RCAF for many years, and my intentions was to capture the Voodoo in an environment which the aircraft was build for. This piece is available via Fineartamerica.com, simply click the link below.   Print details

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Triple Zilch

This piece depicts the famous Triple Zilch, the commander of the 20th TFWs F-100D Super Sabre. Back in those days the aircraft were extremly colorful, and especially the Cos aircraft were often adorned with a wealth of colors and marking, among the most well known of those Huns in special markings is Triple Zlich which here is seen at full AB above the English evening sky. The piece is available via fineartamerica...simply click the link below. Hope you like it!


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