I´ve been looking forward to revealing this new print, in the “Half Century, Baby!” series! This print features a Tomcat from every unit that have served in the US armed forces. In the main formation the atlantic fleet squadron are on the left side, and the Pacific fleet squadrons on the right. The formation is flanked by a Tomcat of the NFWS and VX-9 on the right and by two F-14Ds of VX-23 and VX-30 on the left. Alot of work went into this piece, and I really hope you like it!

The print is available for sale via Aircraftprofileprints, both as paper print and the ready-to-hang aluminium print.

Aluminium Ready-to-hang ($229.95) – 35 x 23″

Paper print ($64.95) – 35 x 23″