A new Viper have been added to the U.S.Air Force Tactical Fighter Wing section: a F-16C Block 42 Fighting Falcon of the 33rd Tactical Fighter Squadron, as it appeared during Operation Desert Storm. This very nice paint scheme was a fun challenge to do, and took some trial and error to get right. Make sure to watch the video podcast where i tell abit about the process of creating this profile. Alsmo, if you want a copy of this profile to hang on your wall, click the link below and get your copy from Fineartamerica.com. You can choose from many sizes and framing options...you can even have this print on your phone cover, on your shower curtain, on you beach towel or on your coffee mug!
This latest profiles was created with the kind help of Bullseye Decals! Thanks Scott !

33rd TFS F-16C Fighting Falcton print from fineartamerica.com

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