A new F-4 Phantom have been added! For some odd reason I haven´t done any VF-201 aircraft despite their very sharp looking paint schemes. So naturally I had to get one done. While working on it I realized that I wanted to add both as a profile and in a 3d scene and now both are complete. But more on that later. The depicted aircraft sports a paint scheme the squadron used on the late 70s (more specific in 1978). There´s  a few unusual features in the paint scheme which is covered in the podcast, however to me the most important thing is that i have reworked my Phantom basemodels fuselage! Perhaps not noticable to anyone but me, but there were some slight errors that would show up in 3d scenes, so i decided to redo the entire fuselage. I´m pretty happy with the outcome!

Don´t forget to check out the podcast that deals with the very colorful CAG bird from 1978. Click the link below.

VF-201 “Hunters” Album