Showtime 100

HereĀ“s my latest piece, depicting Cunningham and Driscolls mission on May. 10th, 1972. The very day the pair shot down three MIG-17s, combined with the two they already have shot down, May 10th was also the day the two earned the status for Fighter Aces. Story goes that Showtime 100 had just released its load of Mk 20 Rockeyes, and shortly after was being jumped by a flight of MIG-17s. At that time the Phantom was flying slow, and was banking hard to see the impact of the Rockeyes. The aircraft had little momentum and the MIG-17 zoomed by the Phantom, putting it in a favorable shooting position. While enroute to USS Constellation, a third MIG-17 engaged the Phantom. Piloted perhaps by the fabled Colonel Tomb. That too was shot down. Showtime 100 however, never made it back to USS Constellation, Just off shore the aircraft crashed but Cunningham and Driscoll was saved by a Navy helicopter and made it back [...]

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First Freelancers

For the upcoming Freelancers lineage print, two new aircraft have been completed: The F4U-4 Corsair and the F9F-5 Panther, as they appeared in 1951 and 1954 respectively. Back in those days the Freelancers were designated VF-64, and none of the aircraft were sporting the wellknown black panther patch. After the Panther was phased out of service, the Freelancers would fly Banshees, and later Demons before being one of the first squadrons to recieve the F4 Phantom. Those banshee and Demon is coming up next. How do you like these new additions ? To navigate to the VF-64 section click the image below: F4U-4 Corsair, VF-64 "Freelancers", 1951  

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