Here´s a print that was completed very recently. It depicts Lt. Tony Nargis MIG kill, on spe. 9th, 1968. This was the last MIG kill of the Vietnam war, by a F-8 Crusader (although VF-211 would down a MIG in 1972 without even firing a shot). The flight of two F-8Cs from VF-111 Det. 11 encountered two MIG-21s and Nargi followed one of them as it tried to evade the approaching Crusaders by making a steep climb and a loop. A single Sidewinder was fired and blew off the MIG-21s tail section.

The print is available for sale via, both on paper and as a “ready-to-hang” aluminium print. Click the images below to be taken to the website:

“Tigers Claw”, paper print

Tigers Claw, “ready-to-hang” alu print

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F-8C Crusader, VF-111 “Sundowners”, 1968