This piece was completed very recently (actually not more than a day ago), and now i can´t help myself from sharing this preview with you all. This piece is a VF-24 lineage print, depicting the aircraft that was operated by VF-24 throughout its 40 year long history.
The squadron was established as VF-211 “Red Checkertails”, in Jun. 1955, and received their FJ-3 Furys soon after. That aircraft is depicted at the top right hand corner of the print.
As one of the very first squadrons, VF-211 would trade their subsonic fighters for the brand new F8U-1 Crusader in 1958. While flying the F8U-1 the squadron would be redesignated to VF-24 on Mar. 9th 1959. A F8U-1 is depicted as the second aircraft from the top. The F8U-1 would be traded for F8U-2s in 1962 (and soon after the F8U-2 was designated F-8C). That model would be brought to the Vietnam war, where VF-24 scored four MIG kills. One of their MIG killers is depicted as the third aircraft from the top: lt Phil Wood scored a MIG-17 kill on May 19th 1967.
After the Vietnam war VF-24 remained to be the last frontline squadron to operate the F-8 Crusader (note the RF-8 Crusader would remain in service much longer), and would operate the ultimate version of the F-8 Crusader: the F-8J Crusader. That is depicted as the fourth aircraft from the top.
VF-24 would trade their Crusaders for the latest fighter in the Navy inventory: The F-14 Tomcat, in 1976. A F-14A Tomcat from 1976 is depicted as the second aircraft from the bottom of the print. While flying the Tomcat VF-24 changed name to “Fighting Renegades”, the name change happened in Aug. 1979. The F-14 Tomcat would remain in service for the next 20 years, which is approx. half of the squadrons entire history ! On August 31st, 1996, VF-24 was disestablished. The F-14A Tomcat at teh bottom of teh print depicts how the boss bird was painted at the decommission ceremony…RAGE ON !
Let me know how you like this piece 😉
Below is a few detail shots of the VF-24 lineage print.