First Cadillac of the skies !

The F-106 is now finally complete ! And per request, the 318th FIS is the first incarnation of this new model. After working on the Six for the past many weeks i´ve become to appreciate this elegant aircraft quite a lot, and i can assure anyone out there, that this is not the last F-106 you´ll see from my hand ! I have received many suggestions on what colors to put on this jet, and in time i hope to make them all ! Thanks so much for your support ! Here´s a few detail shots of the F-106 model. Click the image below to be taken to the 25th Air Division section F-106A Delta Dart, 25th Air Division, 318th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1980

Last Thud !

Here´s a depiction of the very last F-105F Thunderchief in USAF service. Georgia ANG had taken over the F-105G Wild Weasels from the 35th TFW, and left as the last Wild Weasel squadron to operate the aging Thud. Despite its age (The Thud entered service in 1958), the low level speed was outstanding. Stories from Red Flag in the early 80s tells that the Thud would out pace even F-15s in low level flight. However, on May 25th 1983, Peach 91 (depicted here), made its last flight with Maj. Green as a pilot and MSgt. Nance in the back seat. The flight took the F-105F to Pax River, MD, where it would become target for missile practice. Click the image below to be taken to the Georgie ANG section F-105F Thunderchief, 116th Tactical Fighter Wing, 128th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1983

Gunfighter !

The caption isn´t usually something that is connected with the mighty Rhino, but in this case its more suiting that one might think. This F-4E Phantom is from the 366th Wing which became known as the gunfighters due to their extensive use of Gun pods during the latter part of the Vietnam war. In the case of this particular aircraft the Gunfighter nickname is even more suiting as Capt. Beatty and 1Lt Summer shot down a MIG-21 on May 23rd, 1972 using the M61 nosemounted Vulcan gun. Click the image below to be taken to the 366th Wing section F-4E Phantom, 366th Tactical Fighter Wing, 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1972