In 1979 most fighter squadrons in the us navy was replacing their F-4 Phantom with F-14 Tomcats. With the introduction of the multirole Tomcat not only the Fighter mission was taken over by the F-14, also the photo recce mission was could be fulfilled by the Tomcats TARPS pod which came into service in 1981. While the VFP squadrons remained in service until the mid-80s the heavy photo recce squadrons was being phased out of service in the late 70s, partially due to the fact that their mission was being replaced by the TARPS pods but also due to the size of the aircraft they were flying. The last deployment ever of a RVAh squadron was RVAH-7s deployment aboard USS Ranger (CVA-61) that ended on Sep. 22nd, 1979. The black noses of their squadrons aircraft commemorate the fact that the Vigilante would no longer be deployed aboard a aircraft carrier.

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RA-5C Vigilante, RVAH-7 “Peacemakers of the Fleet”, 1979