The Black Knights name, dates back to 1957, when VF-154 were the first front line squadron to receive the F8U-1 Crusader (which can be found in the VF-154 section). The F8U-1 replaced by F-8D´s and then F-4Bs and F-4Js (all of which can be found in the VF-154 section). While awaiting the transition to the F-14 Tomcat, VF-154 traded their F-4Js for F-4Ns and on their very last deployment with the Phantom their N-models were painted in the Tactical Paint Scheme. This these last Phantoms to be operated by the Black Knights are depicted in the illustration above. If you want to inspect the rendition more closely, or want to see the rest of the VF-154 rendtions, click the image below.

F-4N Phantom. VF-154 “Black Knights”, 1983