I´m very happy to announce that the F9F Cougar series is now also available. This is the very first profile I´ve done of the sweep winged beauty, and it depicts a F9F-8B Cougars from VA-76 “Spirits” as it appeared in 1957 while deployed aboard USS Forrestal (CVA-59). That deployment was USS Forrestals maiden deployment  (although there were two shakedown deployments prior to this one). 1957 marked the beginning of a new age of naval aviation, the aircraft would be painted gull grey instead of midnight blue, and the markings very very colorful, as this Cougar is a prime example of.
Hope you like this first Cougar rendition. To be taken to the VA-76 section click the link below.

F9F-8B Cougar, VA-76 “Spirits”, 1957