This is an all new 3D piece from my hand ! This depicts F9F-5 Panthers from VF-111 “Sundowners” while deployed aboard USS Lake Champlain CV-39 during the winter of 1952/53, during the Korean war. For reasons unknown to me VF-111 operated both Midnight Blue and NM finished Panthers during that deployment, but I thought it makes for a cool subject for a winter scene, where the flight deck is closed  during a blizzard. Snow is staring to cover the aircraft and the wooden deck, and the troops on the ground have to do without air support for the next few hours, or possibly days.
The piece have yet to get a title, but as always: i´m looking for inspiration, so please let me know what would be a fitting title for this piece.

Below you´ll find a series of detail shots of this piece, which soon will become available via

..and here´s a sample of the print: