Another mess of F-4Es

Here´s another four new F-4E Phantoms that have been added to the USAF fighter wing section. These profiles all depicts F-4E Phantom 71-0247 which i currently owned by the F4 Grove Community Foundation . The Foundation is trying to bring the aircraft from Holloman AFB to Grove, OK, where it will be restored and displayed. Any and all help is much appreciated by the group, and please do pay them a visit on their facebook site. The profiles depicts the aircrafts service history with the 4th, 52nd, 37th and 35th TFW. The profiles are featured in the lastest issue of Smoke Tails Magazine. Click on the thumbnails below to be taken to the respective sections. Hope you like these new F-4Es ;)   F-4E Phantom 4th Tactical Fighter Wing, 335th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1973 F-4E Phantom, 52nd Tactical Fighter Wing, 480th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1979 F-4E Phantom, 37th Tactical Fighter Wing, 562nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1988 [...]

First USAF Starfighter

The first F-104C Starfighter have been completed ! This one from a period where the USAF were not shy about adding some colors to their paint schemes. Even among the colorful paint schemes in the late 50s the 479th TFW stod out with their four F-104 squadrons each painted in a different trim color. This depicted aircraft flew with the 434nd TFS which had red trim, which really is very pbvious from this renditions. Let me know how you like this one. Click the image below to be taken to the 479th Wing section F-104C Starfighter, 479th Tactical Fighter Wing, 434nd Tactical Fighter Squadron. 1959

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Phantom from the Tiger squadron

Time to yet again build the RAF/RN section. This time with a Phantom FGR.2 of No. 74 Squadron. Complete with both roaring tiger head and tiger stripes. The Spey power Phantoms differed from the US versions in more ways than what is readily visible, the entire intake section is wider and deeper, and the exhaust feathers used on the US versions is gone. But apart from that the good ol´ Spook does look like it´s suppose to, in fact it looks like a fighter is suppose to :) Click the link below to be taken to the 74. Sqn section Phantom FGR.2, No. 74 Squadron, 1990

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Black Panther Intruder

The VA-section have been needing some new material, and i decided to do something about it: The latest addition to that section is this A-6E Intruder of VA-35 "Black Panthers" as it appeared while deployed aboard USS America (CVA-66) in 1972/73. USS America was stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin at the time, and the aircraft from the deployed CVW-8 were flying missions over Vietnam. It was only when working on this rendition i noticed how VA-35 cleverly have kept the tailcode in the green trim color. Let me know how you like this new Intruder rendition. Click the image below to be taken to the VA-35 section. A-6E Intruder, VA-35 "Black Panthers", 1973

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Two new birds for the 71JG section

As the headline implies new stuff have been added to the 71JG Richthofen section. This time it´s a F-104G and a specially marked F-4F which was painted in a attractive Red and Black scheme to celebrate the units 40th year of service. Let me know how you like these new additions to the Richthofen section ! Click the image below to be taken to the 71 JG section . F-104G Starfighter, 71 JG, 1965

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