Phantom of the 43. Sqn

The RAF section have been needing some new stuff for a while. Today i have added this new profile of a Phantom FG.1 of the 43 Sqn. Originally i planed on doing a series of 43. Sqn Phantoms but the other ones have yet to leave the drawing board. Hope you like this sole Fighting Cock of the 43. Sqn. Click the image below to be directed to the RAF section. Phantom FG.1, No. 43 Sqn, 1986

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New Wild Weasel

In order to complete the line up of Wild Weasels, I have just completed this F-16C Fighting Falcon from the 52nd TFW based at Spangdahlem AB in Germany. The Wild Weasel ancestry is apparent with the Sharkmouth, which i don´t recall having seen on any other Vipers. How do you like this one ? Click image below to be taken to the 52nd Wing section F-16C Fighting Falcon, 52rd Tactical Fighter Wing, CO, 1991  

Some Midway Magic

Here´s two F-4S Phantoms from CVW-5 as they appeared in 1982, while aboard USS Midway. Most Phantom squadron at this time, have either transitioned to the F-14 Tomcat or been disbanded. However, VF-161 and VF-151 would continue to fly the Phantom until 1986. As it´s evident from these drawings, the many years at sea have taken it´s toll on the paint. Hope you like them. Click the images below to be taken to the VF-161 or VF-151 section F-4S Phantom, VF-161 "Chargers", 1982 F-4S Phantom, VF-151 "Vigilantes", 1982

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One for the Tarsiers

It´s been too long since my last Navy F-4 Phantom, so here´s one ! This paint scheme ranks in my book, among the absolut coolest: The F-4J Phantom of VF-33 as they appeared in 1974 while deployed aboard USS Independence (CVA-62). Let me know how you like it ! Click the image below to be taken to the VF-33 section F-4J Phantom, VF-33 "Tarsiers", 1974

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