Call the ball ! The VA section is here…soon !

It´s about time to get some light attack aircraft on this site ! The VA section is about to trap on this site, I have decided to present some of the featured aircraft over the next few days. So let´s start things off with one of the most famous Scooters around: Lady Jessie ! This Ghost Rider I think is a perfect way to annonce that the VA section is here soon. Hope you like it ;) Not only are the VA section here soon but soon some odd-balls will land too, so make sure to check back if you are into some of the lesser known aircraft types ;) Click the image below to be taken to the VA-164 "Ghost Riders" section ! A-4F Skyhawk, VA-164 "Ghost Riders", 1974

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Finally a Silver King !

It´s long overdue ! Way over due... But here it is: the first VF-92 "Silver Kings" profile. This profile depicts "SilverKite 211" which shot down a MIG-21 on May. 10th 1972, while being piloted by Lt Kurt "Dozo" Dosé and Lcdr Jim "Routeslip" McDevitt. Click the image below to be taken to the VF-92 section. F-4J, Phantom, VF-92 "Silver Kings", 1972

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Voodoos galore !

I´m happy to annonce that the first batch of Voodoos have now been added to the squadron galleries. And not only that, from now on I can produce renditions of all Voodoo variants, so if there´s a specific Voodoo you like to see depicted, make sure to let me know which one. Below is links to the sections where you can find this first batch of Voodoos. I tried to add a bit of diversity here, so there´s renditions of Voodoos from both the USAF, ANG and RCAF. Let me know how you like em ;) Click the thumbnails below to be taken to to the full size renditions