Danish Viper

It´s been a year since I was so very fortunate to design the tail paint scheme for a Danish F-16AM Viper. What better occasion to celebrate that with the completion of my very first Viper profile? Plans are to cover the RDAF F-16s so for now Block 10 and Block 15s are in the pipeline. With the F-100 and the upcoming Draken and F-104 the RDAF section is not far away, so make sure to check back soon if you want to see some danish fighters. Enjoy ! And here´s the real thing: 

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Need a Nightcap ?

I have decided it´s time to show VF-13 "Nightcappers" some long needed attention. So i´ll kick things off with a F-8E Crusader from their deployment aboard USS Shangri-La in 1965. The Nightcappers are for some reason a less known squadron and i decided to do something about that, so soon to follow a F4D-1 Skyray and a F3H-2 Demon from the same squadron...and perhaps a few more ´saders. The Vf-13 section have yet to be added, but as soon as a few more profiles from this squadron is done, i´ll makes sure to add a VF-13 section to the VF-squadron section Hope you like this one !  

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A new Red Ripper !

It´s time to add some Navy stuff ! I decided that the Navy fighter squadrons needed a bit of new stuff so I started from the beginning: with the VF-11 "Red Rippers". This is what their CAG bird looked like in 1976 during the bicentennial year. although these Bicentennial colors are not as flashy as some other squadrons, i do reckon this paint scheme is quite good looking. Soon the VA-section will be added to all of you Naval aviation fans out there, soon there will be plenty of new stuff for you all ;) Click the image below to be taken to the Red Rippers section: F-4J Phantom, VF-11 "Red Rippers", 1976

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