It´s about time to show the Phantom community some attention. This new series of F-4E renditions have been printed in Smoke Trails magazine recently. The renditions depicts one very special Phantom: This aircraft became the center of attention to this years PhanCon when the attendees wrote their final goodbyes on the fuselage and wings of this aircraft. This series of renditions takes you a trip down memory lane, from when the aircraft was brand new and went into service, until it´s very last active duty squadron. Here you have them all

F-4E Phantom, 32nd Tactical Fighter Group, 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1970

F-4E Phantom, 86th Tactical Fighter Wing, 526th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1974

F-4E Phantom, 347th Tactical Fighter Wing, 70th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1982

F-4E Phantom, 301st Tactical Fighter Wing, 457th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1988