Intruders on short final !

Having worked on this model for years now (3 to be exact), i´m now very happy to announce that the A-6 Intruder is soon to find it´s way onto this site. This also means that the VA section is under development, so soon The intruder and the Scooters will have a place to call home here on this site. As you can see the cockpit looks rather empty, but i´m modelling the cockpit interior right now, so within too long the modelling process is completed, and the texturing can start ;) Plans is to start things off with the early Vietnam era Intruders, but I strongly consider doing some Low-viz TRAMs too ! If you are looking for a specific Intruder, let me know which you you want to see completed. Hope you like this one !

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Aircraft Quiz #2

Do you know your aircraft and U.S. post war military aviation history ? Then this may be something for you ! The rules are simple: Just fill out the form below, and try to get as many correct answers as possible. Google if you have to, but try not to ???? Once the answers are in, i´ll let you know how many answers you got right. If this catches on, i´ll even make a scoreboard ! ...and the purpose ? Just fun and games. Hope you guys´ll play along ! Form Your name* Submit E-mail* a.) Which of the following aircraft was the first to incorporate socalled "Area Ruling" in its design ? F-4 Phantom F-102 Delta Dagger A-5 Vigilante F-101 Voodoo None of the above b.) Which squadron was the only patrol squadron to operate the P4M-1 Mercator ? c.) Name the plane (Photo #1) d.) The F-111 family have been credited with a single aerial victory. What version of [...]

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California ANG

Two new profiles have been added ! This time from the 163rd Fighter Interceptor Group (California ANG). The newly completed F-102A Delta Dagger and the good ol´ F-4E Phantom is added to the gallery which can be find by clicking the thumbnail at the bottom of this message. Please let me know how you like ´em ;) F-102A Delta Dagger, 163rd Fighter Interceptor Group, 196th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1970

The Delta Dagger has arrived !

It´s been awfully quiet around here. But for a good reason ! I´ve been working hard to get the F.-102 delta Dagger base model completed, and here´s the result. I thought it would be a nice touch to have the missile bay open, so that added quite a few days to the modelling process. However, i think it was well worth it. This first Deuce is from the 57th FIS as it appeared in 1972 while operating out of Naval Station Keflavik in Iceland. Below is a link to the Air Forces Iceland section (click the thumbnail). F-102A Delta Dagger, Air Forces Iceland, 57th FIS, 1972