After rearranging the galleries i realized that I It would be a good idea to start filling in some blank spots in the galleries. I decided to try my luck with VF-51, og which i already have two profiles done. The Screaming Eafles however, have operated both the Skyway and the Crusader before transitioning to the F-4 Phantom. The famous Supersonic Can-Opener paint scheme, have been done, so i decided to move on to some of the newer paint schemes, before doing the Skyway and the Crusader. This is the result. A F-4N Phantom of VF-51 as their CAG bird looked in 1976. More Screaming Eagles to come very soon 😉

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FJ-3M Fury, VF-51 "Screaming Eagles", 1957

FJ-3M Fury, VF-51 “Screaming Eagles”, 1957