Merry Christmas ! Thanks for your support !

Merry christmas to all of you. Thanks so much for the support in 2016 ! I really appreciate it. I thought this would be a good time to give you a peek behind the scenes. This new profile is a RF-4C Phantom of the 14th TRS, 432nd TRW as it appeared in 1969 while flying missions out of Udorn AB. This marks the first few steps to get a TRW section up and running. Thanks again for your support ! i really appreciate it !

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Aircraft Quiz #1

Do you know your aircraft and U.S. post war military aviation history ? Then this may be something for you ! The rules are simple: Just fill out the form below, and try to get as many correct answers as possible. Google if you have to, but try not to ;) Once the answers are in, i´ll let you know how many answers you got right. If this catches on, i´ll even make a scoreboard ! ...and the purpose ? Just fun and games. Hope you guys´ll play along ! Quiz #1 Your name* Email address* a.) Which of the following aircraft have also served under U.S Navy command ? B-47 C-141 B-1 F-101 None of the above b.) What was the pre-Oct. 1962 designation of the A-5A ?* c.) Name at least three U.S. Naval fighter squadron that have used the Skull/Cross bones logo: d.) Name the Naval fighter squadrons that have claimed at least two MIG-kills in the Vietnam [...]

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The U.S. Marine Corps section is here

The Marine Corps section have finally been launched. With that the VMFA section which features the Marine Fighter Attack squadrons (and all incarnations of those squadrons). This section features F-4 Phantoms, F-8 Crusaders and soon also F4D Skyrays and FJ Furys. I hope you´ll stop by for a closer inspection of this new section on my site. Click the thumbnail below to be taken to the VMF/VMF(AW)/VMFA section F-8E Crusader, VMF(AW)-235 "Death Angels", 1967

Fleet Air Reconnaissance squadrons added

Two new Fleet Air Reconnaissance galleries have been added ! VQ-1 "World Watchers" and VQ-2 "Sandeman" galleries can now be found on the VP/VQ section. Rather than giving the VQ squadron a separate section i decided to add the VQ squadron galleries to the VP section, and rename the section the VP/VQ section. The two galleries galleries contains both EA-3 and EP-3 profiles so make sure to take a look in both if you are either a Whale fan or a Aries fan. The thumbnails below will direct you directly to the VQ galleries.   EA-3B Skywarrior, VQ-1 "World Watchers", 1985 EP-3E Aries, VQ-2 "Sandeman", 1991

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Bomber Vigi

A new print was just made available. This is the first print from my hand of a A-5A Vigilante. This one from VAH-7 "Peacemakers of the Fleet" as they appeared while aboard USS Enterprise in 1962. Notice this one is the CAG bird, with the double nuts modex number and the multicolored stars on the rudder. The thumbnail below will direct you to from where you can purchase the print. The print is available in three sizes 16x12, 24x16 and 40x16 inches

A Checkered Whale

After adding a VAH/RVAH section I realised that the section was short on Whales, so this markes the start of the process to change that. This is a A-3B Skywarrior of VAH-11 "Checkertails" as it appeared while operating of the deck of USS F.D. Roosevelt (CVA-42) in 1962. Notice these early Whales didn´t have the refueling boom installed yet. Hope you like it ;) Click the thumbnail below to go to the VAH/RVAH gallery: A-3B Skywarrior, VAH-11 "Checkertails", 1962

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U.S. Air Forces Fighter and Interceptor section added

It´s about time that the USAF wings gets some attention ! Therefore i have now added the U.S. Air Forces Fighter and Interceptor section. The organisation of this section took quite some time to get right, but I decided to organize the section by Wing. This means that there can be several squadrons in each gallery, but it also mean that entire wing lineages can be followed in a single gallery, no matter if the wing have changed mission somewhere in its period of service. This means, that all the galleries in this section contains wings or groups that, at some point in their service history, was either a Fighter or an interceptor squadron or group. Please drop me a line if you visit this section ;) To be directed to the U.S. Air Forces Fighter and Interceptor section click the thumbnail below F-111F Aardvark, 48th Tactical Fighter Wing, 495th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1991

A new Red Lightning

Having wanted to do this profile for some years i finally sat myself down and got to work. This is the result: a F-4J Phantom of VF-194 "Red Lightnings" in 1976, when the squadrons aircraft were painted in the characteristic Ferris paint scheme. This paint scheme was´t unique to VF-194 and it was worn by a few other squadrons (at least a few other aircraft from other squadrons), but it really stands out even among the TPS schemes that would be common in the early 80s. Click the thumbnail below to browse the VF-194 gallery: F-4J Phantom, VF-194 "Red Lightnings", 1976

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Screaming Eagles pt. 2

Two more Screaming eagles profiles have been added. This time a F4D-1 Skyray (Commonly known as the "Ford"), and a F-8H Crusader which shot down a MIG-21 on Aug. 1st, 1968 while being piloted by Lt. Norman K. McCoy. To see the new VF-51 profiles simply click the thumbnail below, and i´ll be taken to the VF-51 gallery. Enjoy ! F-8H Crusader, VF-51 "Screaming Eagles", 1968

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Screaming Eagles pt. 1

After rearranging the galleries i realized that I It would be a good idea to start filling in some blank spots in the galleries. I decided to try my luck with VF-51, og which i already have two profiles done. The Screaming Eafles however, have operated both the Skyway and the Crusader before transitioning to the F-4 Phantom. The famous Supersonic Can-Opener paint scheme, have been done, so i decided to move on to some of the newer paint schemes, before doing the Skyway and the Crusader. This is the result. A F-4N Phantom of VF-51 as their CAG bird looked in 1976. More Screaming Eagles to come very soon ;) To browse the existing VF-51 profiles click the thumbnail below FJ-3M Fury, VF-51 "Screaming Eagles", 1957

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