VP section added !

The VP Section is now up and running. At the moment there´s plenty of P-3 Orions in that section but more will be added as they are completed (there´s already some in the pipeline). To be directed to the VP section simply click this link or click the thumbnail below: P-3C Orion, VP-16 "Eagles", 2011

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VF section added !

The Naval fighter squadron section (VF) section have now been added and is under development. I´m working hard to upload all my current profiles to this section, so please check back soon to see the newest additions. To view the VF section click here

The Blues !

Rarely does two weeks pass where someone haven´t asked me to do some Blue Angels prints. And to be honest. I would be glad to ! Especially after doing the Thunderbirds prints it would make a lot of sense to do a series of Blue Angels prints too. However, getting the permission to do it is very hard to get, and for hobbyists like me, the amount of papaerwork i would have to do to get permission is overwhelming ! However, I could´t resist trying my luck with a Blue Angel Phantom, and this is the result. What do you think ? F-4J Blue Angels  

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Plenty more to come !

I´m working hard to get all my artwork uploaded to my site. Every profile that were on the the old site will eventually make it on to this site. It will take some time, but I will get there eventually. I hope you´ll return often to see what updates have been made. I promise to add both old and new material to the site on a regular basis ! Thanks for your support

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VAH/RVAH section

The VAH/RVAH section is the first section to see the light of day on this site. As the profiles are now sorted by squadrons rather than by aircraft type, the first section to be added is the VAH/RVAH Section. Any and all squadron that have ever been flying with either of the two designations will be featured in this section. Click the thumbnail below to be taken to the VAH/RVAH section: A-5A Vigilante, VAH-1 "Smokin´ Tigers", 1962 Subscribe and follow  

All new Aircraftprofiles.net

This marks the launch of a completely new rebuild aircraftprofiles.net! I wanted to change the general layout of the old site in order to track squadron linages instead of sorting the profiles according to aircraft types. Another issue that was important to me, was to make the site more search-friendly, so now the you can use the search function in the top right corner to find specific squadrons. The front page is now completely interactive and new posts will directly link to a specific squadron page. Building this new website have been tedious and quite frustrating, but with the exception of a few glitches I now believe I have a template that i can work on.

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